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"You can legislate many conditions -- but you cannot legislate harmony into the hearts of men.  To attain industrial peace, we need more than by-laws and compulsory rules."

-- Clarence Francis



SHRM Employment Law & Legislative Conference


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2015 Proposed legislation

Following is a list of legislation currently under consideration.  Support/Oppose status is based upon consensus at the HR Florida State Council

SCR 88 & HCR 8001: Equal Rights for Men and Women - Support

Equal Rights for Men and Women; Ratifying the proposed amendment to the Constitution of the United States relating to equal rights for men and women, etc.

SB 98 & HB 25: Employment Discrimination - Support

Employment Discrimination; Creating the Helen Gordon Davis Fair Pay Protection Act; recognizing the importance of the Department of Economic Opportunity and the Florida Commission on Human Relations in ensuring fair pay; creating the Governor’s Recognition Award for Pay Equity in the Workplace; requiring that the award be given annually to employers in this state which have engaged in activities that eliminate the barriers to equal pay for equal work for women, etc.

SB 114 & HB 47: State Minimum Wage - Oppose

State Minimum Wage; Increasing the state minimum wage to $10.10; prohibiting an employer from paying an employee at a rate less than the state minimum wage; deleting the requirement that only individuals entitled to receive the federal minimum wage are eligible to receive the state minimum wage, etc.

SB 156 & HB 33: Prohibited Discrimination – Split - Support/Oppose (Concern regarding claims based on alleged perception)

Prohibited Discrimination; Creating the “Florida Competitive Workforce Act”; revising provisions to include sexual orientation and gender identity or expression and the perception of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, handicap, or marital status as impermissible grounds for discrimination; adding sexual orientation and gender identity or expression as impermissible grounds for discrimination, etc.

SB 192 & SB 246 & HB 1: Texting While Driving - Support

Revising penalties for violations of the Florida Ban on Texting While Driving Law, to include enhanced penalties when violation is committed in school zone and removing requirement that provisions be enforced as secondary action by law enforcement.

SB 356 & HB 121: Employment of Felons - Support

Employment of Felons: Provides corporate income tax credit for employment of person previously convicted of felony; provides requirements to receive credit; provides exceptions for certain felons.

SB 456 & HB 325: Labor Pools - Support

Revises methods by which labor pools are to compensate day laborers; requiring notice before pay period; specifying requirements for pay via debit card; authorizing electronic pay statements.

SB 528 & HB 683: Medical Use of Marijuana

Permitting medical use of marijuana and providing licensure requirements for growers and retailers.

SB 890 & HB 455: Labor Regulations - Oppose

Florida Overtime Act of 2015 – Requires payment of time and one half an employee’s regular rate of pay for all hours worked over 8 in a day, over 40 in a work week or on the 7th day of any workweek.

SB 892 & HB 297: Safe Work Environments - Support

Provides that subjecting employees to an “abusive work environment” is an unlawful employment practice. Prohibits retaliation against persons who oppose such an unlawful employment practice.

SB 126: Social Media Privacy - Support

Social Media Privacy; Prohibiting an employer from requesting or requiring access to a social media account of an employee or prospective employee under certain circumstances; prohibiting an employer from taking retaliatory personnel action for an employee’s refusal to allow access to his or her social media account; authorizing civil action for a violation; specifying that an employer is not prohibited from seeking access to social media accounts used primarily for the employer’s business purposes, etc.

SB 214: Discrimination in Employment Screening - Oppose

Discrimination in Employment Screening; Prohibiting an employer from inquiring into or considering an applicant’s criminal history on an initial employment application unless required to do so by law, etc.

HB 433: Employment Discrimination – Split Support/Oppose

Amends the Florida Civil Rights Act to include unpaid interns within the definition of “employee.”

HB 589: Minimum Wage

Makes it a third degree felony to procure labor with intent to defraud.

HB 625: Discrimination Based on Pregnancy

Amends the Florida Civil Rights Act to prohibit discrimination based on pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions.



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